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Export Timecards
Export Timecards

Export timecards for any date range and timecard status

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A timecard is a record of the hours worked during a single shift. Timecards can be exported as CSV or PDF for any date range and status (Pending, Approved, Closed). 


  1. Premium Plan or higher

  2. Administrator permission or Manager with 'manage timecards' sub-permission

Click on Timecards in the top menu-bar to access the timecard listing screen.


  1. Apply the relevant filters (Date, Status, Workers, etc) which will return the appropriate timecards to export

  2. Click on the 'Export' button where you will be prompted to select an export format, either CSV (Standard export) or PDF (Printable file). A summary of your selection is displayed.

Export as CSV

Four export options are available;

  1. All timecards - Individual timecards for each worker is a separate row in the file

  2. Timecard totals by worker - Summary of timecard details grouped by worker

  3. Timecard totals by position - Summary of timecard details grouped by worker position

  4. Timecard totals by rate* - Summary of timecard details grouped by worker pay rate

 * This option is not visible to the Manager if they have not been assigned the 'Manage Sales and Labor Costs' sub-permission. 

For each export option you can choose which fields to include or exclude in the export file by selecting 'Edit CSV Columns'. Your selection is remembered next time you access the export feature.

During the export process, optionally, you can choose to mark timecards as 'Closed' This is applicable where selected timecards are in a Pending or Approved status.

Field Definitions - The following table describes each export field. 

Note: Time values are formatted as decimal hours. Eg; 2hrs 45min exported as 2.75. 

Export as PDF

Two printable export options are available;

All timecard details - All information relating to the selected timecard for a worker is reported.

List summary - When more than one timecard is selected for export, a summarised list report is available. This report returns basic information including;

  1. Worker name

  2. Position

  3. Shift start time

  4. Shift finish time

  5. Paid break

  6. Unpaid break

  7. Paid duration

  8. Worker acknowledgement (optional where group by Worker is selected. This field is added to the printout and allows a worker to acknowledge the accuracy of the information.

List Summary - Group by Worker

List Summary - Group by Date

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