Access levels and permissions control who can see and do what within your schedules and company account. 


Administrator level access


Network > Worker Profile > Access & Permissions

Set User Access

Once you have navigated to the 'Access & Permissions' tab for a selected worker you can set their access level. A user can be assigned one of the following access levels:

Employees do not have access to the company account and do not have any sub-permission options. Employees are restricted to their own personal account data e.g. shifts / timecards / timeoff / availability
Note - Within each individual schedule you specify which workers have permission to swap and drop shifts via Schedule Settings

Administrators have full access to the company account, in that they can see and modify all company settings and information. Only business owners and senior managers that are highly trusted should be given Administrator access.

Managers have access to the company account, with what they can access and perform within the company account being controlled by their manager sub-permissions.

Assigning Schedule Access to Managers

The first step in setting up manager access for a user is selecting the schedules you would like them to manage. Once a user is assigned access to a schedule/s they have all the permissions required to fully manage that schedule/s e.g. create / edit / publish shifts, message staff and approve timeoff requests.

Note - Read only access to a schedule is not a supported feature and neither is removing certain permissions such as approving timeoff, hence only trusted employees should be given this level of access.

Handy tip - Each individual user can choose which schedules they would like to be notified about via their Notification Preferences

Assigning Permissions to Managers

In addition to schedule management, managers can also be given additional permissions to perform extra functions within the company account. Managers can be assigned permissions to manage the following:

Network and Worker Profiles

  • Can view/edit all worker profiles in the company network
  • Can add/remove workers to/from the company network


  • Can view / edit / approve / export timecards
  • Manager will only have visibility of timecards that are produced as a result of shifts scheduled within the schedules that they manage

Attendance Settings

  • Can administer Attendance Settings (by Location) including;
  • Mobile Clock In & GPS
  • Photo Confirmation
  • Early Clock In and Unscheduled Shifts
  • Breaks Clock In and short break prevention
  • Enable Tips & Sales

Sales and Labor Costs

  • Can view/edit hourly rates for workers and company positions
  • Can view/edit sales and labor cost information for each schedule
  • Can view labor costs in timecards


  • Can administer company certifications

Time Clocks

  • Can administer Time Clocks (by Location) including;
  • Create kiosk on Desktop App
  • Download and install Time Clock App to tablet, (iPad or Android tablet)
  • Login to Time Clock and complete set up to bring 'online'

Billing and Payments

  • Can view and change subscription plan
  • Update payment details
  • View and download invoices
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