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Manually import sales data exported from your POS

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SocialSchedules supports sales data retrieval through POS integration for selected POS providers (Heartland Restaurant, Shift4, Square, Clover), however, if your company uses a different POS system you can still manually import sales data and get all the same benefits, including:

  • Sales forecasts that help you manage labor costs when scheduling

  • Report on labor costs as a percentage of sales


  1. Administrator or a Manager with 'manage sales and labor costs' permission

  2. CSV file in the prescribed format

Location main menu > Import Sales

Import Sales into Default Channel

Sales data is grouped by channel for reporting purposes. To import sales into the default 'General Sales' channel click the 'Import CSV' option.

CSV File Format

NOTE - The following column headers are required to be in your import file:

  1. sales_dt - Date of sales transactions; (mandatory, must be yyyy-mm-dd format)

  2. gross_sales - Total daily gross sales (optional)

  3. net_sales - Total daily net sales (mandatory)

  4. tips - Total daily tips (mandatory, even if '0')

Create New Channel

Select the 'Import to a new channel' option to create a new channel. As part of creating the new channel you will need to upload a CSV sales file.

Delete Sales

You have the option of deleting all data for a selected channel should you realize after importing that there is an issue with the data. 

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