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Manage Worker Hourly Rates
Manage Worker Hourly Rates

Manage labor costs by setting position and worker hourly rates

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SocialSchedules allows you to set labor costs. Users that have subscribed to Attendance with Compliance penalty rates are included for more accurate labor costings.

Set Hourly Rates

Hourly rates are used to calculate labor costs for the schedule. There are two ways to set hourly rates. 

  1. By Position - all workers working this position inherit this rate.

  2. By Worker - this rate over-rides the position rate for this worker. 

Set Rate by Position

  1. Go to Main Menu > Positions. 

  2. Click on the position you want to edit.

  3. Enter the hourly rate.

  4. You will be prompted whether to apply the rate to each employee that has this position. Select "All Workers" checkbox or selectively click individual workers.

Set Rate by Worker

  1. Go to Worker Profile > Positions & Pay Rates.

  2. Select the 'Edit' icon against the position to be updated.

  3. Enter the hourly rate for the position.

  4. Choose an effective date from the most recent 4 weeks

  5. Click on Save when done.

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