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Shift Drop (Employer)

Give workers in your schedule permission to drop their shifts

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Once enabled all workers have the ability to drop unless they have been added to the 'exclusion' list.

Must be assigned as a manager to the selected schedule.


Schedule Settings* > Shift Swaps / Drops

* represented by the cog icon, in the top right corner of the scheduler (next to the publish button).

Shift Drops

  1. Set the minimum number of hours before a shift starts that the worker is permitted to drop their shift. This threshold applies to both shift drops and shift swaps.

  2. Add workers you want to exclude from performing shift drops.

Manager Approval Required

Shift drops are a request only and requires the employer to re-assign the shift to another worker before the initiator is released from working the shift.

  1. Worker initiates a request.

  2. Recipients that match are returned to the Initiator.

  3. Initiator selects one or more recipients and sends the invitation.

  4. At this point the initiator is presented with a message, 'Drop is pending, this is still your shift', setting the expectation they are still responsible for working the shift until it is re-assigned to another worker by the employer.

  5. The employer accesses the notification, reviews the recipients and decisions the request by re-assigning the shift to another worker, or not.

  6. Where re-assigned, the shift drop process completes and all parties are notified, (Initiator, Recipient and Employer). Additionally, the affected shift is automatically removed from the initiator and assigned to the recipient.

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