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Edit a Live Timecard
Edit a Live Timecard

As a manager you can edit a worker's live timecard

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A 'live' timecard is when a worker has clocked in for their shift and is yet to clock out. As a manager you can use your mobile app to edit the shift start time and breaks associated with the timecard.

Note: Editing live timecards is only supported on the mobile apps


  1. Subscribed to Attendance with Compliance

  2. Administrator OR Manager with access to Timecards

Schedule > Select timecard (select timecard by tapping the minute count on the shift)

Edit shift start time

Edit the clock in time by tapping the pencil icon and selecting a new time.

Note: Start time can not be more than 8 hours before the clock in time

Edit break start / end times

Once a break has been completed, you can edit the start and end times.

Remove break

When editing a completed break you also have the option to delete the break entirely by selecting the 'remove this break' option.

Add a break

Add a new break to the timecard by tapping the more options menu (three dots in the top right corner) and selecting the 'add a break' option.

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