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Worker Notification Preferences
Worker Notification Preferences

Manage all your notifications in one place

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Set the notifications you would like to receive about your personal worker account. Notifications are sent via 'push' notification directly to your smart phone.


Account > Notifications

Set Worker Preferences
Choose to be notified when:

  • A schedule is published

  • You receive an in-app message

  • Your next shift is due to start (shift reminder)

  • SocialSchedules publishes product news and updates (these may be sent via e-mail as well as push notification)

You will also receive push notifications for items that need your attention.

These include:

  • Time off request has been approved or declined

  • Availability request has been actioned or needs approval

  • You have been invited to a shift opportunity

  • A shift swap or drop request has been actioned

  • A shift you are working has been changed or deleted

If you are also a manager this article explains how to set your manager preferences.

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