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Manage Company Positions
Manage Company Positions

Set up company positions by setting pay rates and color coding

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Positions are managed at the company level and used by individual schedules.

Administrator or Manager level permission.

Mega Menu > Company > Positions

Add New Position

  1. Click on Add New Position

  2. Enter position name, feel free to choose from the list of default options.

  3. Hourly rate is used to calculate the cost of a shift. Note - the position hourly rate can be overwritten for an individual worker in the 'Pay Rates' section of their worker profile.

  4. Export code uniquely identifies the position in timecard export files.

  5. Assign a color to visually distinguish shifts on the scheduler.

Effective dating of position pay rates

When the hourly rate for a position is changed you will be prompted to confirm: 

  1. Workers to which the new rate applies. This is facilitated through providing a list of all workers that have that position in their profile and their current hourly rate.

  2. The date that the rate change is to be applied from. You can select from one of the previous 4 weeks. Future-dating for the change is not supported. 

Delete a Position
A position can be deleted from the company, but should be performed with caution as once it is deleted it is permanently removed from the company account, as well as all workers who had the position in their profile. 

  1. Access company position list.

  2. Select the position to delete by clicking on the Delete icon for that position.

  3. Confirm to proceed with the deletion.

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