Subscribed to Attendance with Compliance (or in active 30-day free trial). Additionally, employees need to be clocked in for a shift to be displayed.


  • Summary - Displayed on the Reports Dashboard alongside other Time & Attendance reports, shows a snapshot in near real-time (updated each minute).

View Report - Selecting this option will provide a detailed view for each worker.

  • Detail - Provides a more comprehensive view including current status, (clocked in or on break), scheduled shift start & end times, in addition to % of shift completed. 

Where an employee is still clocked in after the end of their scheduled finish time, this will be indicated under the "Remaining" column as a positive value (+) in red. For example, 5 minutes past the scheduled finish time; + 0h 5m.

Sort Options: Click on any column label (Working Now, Scheduled, Started, Finish, Remaining, Shift Completion) to sort values by Ascending or Descending order. Hover over a specific data point to display Clock In time for a particular employee.

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