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Report - Live Time Clock
Report - Live Time Clock

Track the status of your workers throughout the day in near real-time.

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  1. Premium Plan subscription or higher

  2. Workers are clocking in for their shifts on kiosk or mobile app

  3. Break clock in feature must be enabled (Location > Settings > Breaks)

See a near real-time view of your workers, including clock in time, when on break, and remaining shift time.

Access Report
Navigate to Location > Reports > Live Time Clock

Sort Options
Click on any column label (Working Now, Scheduled, Started, Finish, Remaining, Shift Completion) to sort by Ascending or Descending Order

Report Display
The upper portion tracks Clocked In Workers against Scheduled Workers in graphical form, where the Dotted Line represents Scheduled and the Solid Line represents Actual. The marker along the horizontal timeline represents the 'current time'

Hovering the mouse over a specific point will show the Actual versus Scheduled Clock In time for that worker.

The lower portion details information for each individual worker. The two real-time statuses are Working (green dot) and On Break (orange dot)

When an employee is still clocked in after the end of their scheduled finish time, this is indicated under the "Remaining" column as a positive value (+) in red. For example, 5 minutes past the scheduled finish time shows as; + 0h 5m. Additionally, the 'Shift Completion' bar will be greater than 100%

Field Descriptions

  1. Scheduled - the scheduled shift start time

  2. Started - the actual shift clock in time

  3. Finish - the scheduled shift finish time

  4. Remaining - the remaining time until scheduled finish time, (from 'current')

  5. Shift Completion - the percentage of the shift completed, (from 'current')

Upcoming Shifts
Scheduled shifts in the next 24-hours, (from 'current time') are listed in the lower panel

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