Keep track of which workers have what certifications/training and enforce compliance that only suitably qualified workers can be scheduled.

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  1. Premium Plan subscription or higher

  2. Administrator permission, or Manager with 'manage certifications' sub-permission

Accessing Certifications
Navigate to Main Menu > Certifications

Create New Certificate
Navigate to Main Menu > Certifications > Create New Certificate

Name your Certificate
Name your certificate or select one from the suggested list

Apply your Certificate
Choose who to apply the certificate to. This can be all workers in an entire Location, all workers on a specific Schedule or all workers who have a specific Position in their profile. Alternatively, workers can be selected individually.

Does this Certificate Expire?
Set whether this certificate has an expiry date. If so, choose one or more pre-set intervals, (x-days before expiry) to send a reminder notification to the worker. Additionally you can choose to send the reminder notification to one or more managers.

Is this Certificate Mandatory?
Set whether this certificate is mandatory. If so, workers without a complete and valid certificate (not expired) will not be able to be scheduled.

Manage Certificates
Navigate to Main Menu > Certifications

Certificate 'Health'
For each certificate, its' 'health' is stated, expressed as a percentage. This is calculated as; total # completed certificates divided by total # certificates (sum of completed + incomplete + expired).

Manage Individual Certificate
Select an individual certificate. This opens an additional window listing workers with that certificate and the individual status of the certificate for each worker. This includes; worker name, certificate expiry date, period to expiry and status. Additionally, a note can be recorded for a worker by selecting the pencil icon which is visible when hovering over an individual worker.

Certificates by Worker
Navigate to Network > Select Worker > Certifications

This opens a window listing the certificates for the worker including;  Certificate Name, Note, Expiry Date, Period to Expiry and Status.

Note, Expiry Date and Status can be updated directly from the Worker Profile view.

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