1. The Break Rules feature must be configured and enabled under the Compliance Ruleset, (Attendance > Compliance > Compliance Ruleset > Breaks).
  2. Break feature requiring workers to clock-in/clock-out for breaks must be enabled, (Attendance > Settings > Enable Breaks).


  1. Least Punctual - lists workers in order of least punctual, by ascending accuracy percentage, (lowest to highest).
  2. Accuracy - Percentage calculated of total break minutes taken divided by total break minutes assigned, for all shifts worked during the reporting period.

View Report - Selecting this option will provide a detailed view for each worker in the reporting period.

Report Selection: From the Location dropdown field, select the Location of interest. From the Date Range field, select the Date Range of interest. The default date range is 14-days to the "current" date.

  1. Select a worker of interest to display a graph of their individual results. Paid Break is the default. Click the break dropdown to switch between Paid Break display and Unpaid Break display.
  2. Hover mouse over data point to display break details specific to that shift
  3. Break time above Scheduled represented by data point "above the Allowed line"
  4. Break time below Scheduled represented by data point "below the Allowed line"
  5. Break time equal to Scheduled represented by data point "on the Allowed line"

Sort Options: Click on any column label (Workers, Shifts, Variance, Accuracy) to sort values by Ascending or Descending order.

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