1. Premium Plan subscription or higher
  2. Workers are clocking in for their shifts on kiosk or mobile app
  3. Breaks rules feature must be configured and enabled (Compliance > Breaks)
  4. Break clock in feature must be enabled (Location > Settings > Breaks)

The accuracy percentage is calculated for workers who clock in for their breaks, (paid and unpaid), in a given reporting period.

Access Report
Navigate to Location > Reports > Break Punctuality

Date Selection
Select a single day, or a date range, from the calendar. Once applied, results which meet the criteria are returned.

Break Type Selection
Select either the Paid Break or Unpaid Break button to return relevant results

Sort Options
Click on any column label (Workers, Shifts, Variance, Accuracy) to sort by Ascending or Descending Order

Report Display
The upper portion tracks Punctuality in graphical form. Dots above the 'Allowed' line represent 'Over' (more time than allowed) and dots below the 'Allowed' line represent 'Under' (less time than allowed).

Click on any worker to see their individual results. Hovering the mouse over a specific day will show the result for that day, (Over or Under) for that break type, (Paid or Unpaid)

The lower portion details individual worker results. Scrolling to the bottom of the worker list, a total for the location is provided.

Field Descriptions
For the selected reporting period;

  1. Shifts - total number of shifts clocked in
  2. Variance - total number of 'Late' shifts
  3. Accuracy - a measure of a workers' punctuality, expressed as a percentage. 
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