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Set up a Public Holiday Calendar
Set up a Public Holiday Calendar

Set up a calendar of public holidays for your business

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Use the public holiday calendar to specify which days are considered a public holiday in your business. This is done by location as different locations within the same business can have different public holidays.

Use the public holiday rule in the compliance ruleset to specify the penalty rate that applies to hours worked on a public holiday.

Specify the geographical location you're creating the public holiday calendar for - this could be a state, city or any region that makes sense to you.

On selecting a location a list of public holidays, that may apply to the selected location, will be displayed.

Select the days that you want to add to the public holiday calendar you are creating
โ€‹Note - The "select all days" checkbox will select all days

If a holiday date that is unique to your business is not listed, click on the "ADD ANOTHER" button to create this. Once done, click on the "ADD TO PUBLIC HOLIDAYS" button.

Choose the locations from the company account that will use this public holiday calendar

Access via Attendance > Compliance > Public Holidays.ย 

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