Send Worker an Invite

Send an invitation to the worker to activate their account

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Workers need to be invited to SocialSchedules by their employer to activate their account. To be invited, workers must have a valid phone number set against their profile.


Navigate to Main Menu > Network and find the worker you wish to invite.

Workers can have one of four statuses:

  • Connected (worker has an activated SocialSchedules account and is connected with the employer)

  • Invited (worker has been invited to connect with the company on SocialSchedules but has not yet accepted the invite)

  • Not Invited (worker has a phone number set in their profile but has not yet been invited to connect)

  • Missing details (worker does not have a phone number set in their profile so is unable to be invited to connect)

Click on the worker to bring up the employee profile page.

Next, click the 'Send invite' button at the top of the screen. This button will only appear for workers who are not yet connected to the company. (Invites can be re-issued to workers who have already been invited but not yet connected.)

Enter the worker's phone number if not already populated and click 'Send Invite'.

This automatically sends a text message to the worker's mobile phone with instructions on how to activate their SocialSchedules account and connect to the company. They will also be able to log-in to the SocialSchedules mobile app using their phone number as their log-in.

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