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Print Schedule

Print a hard copy of your published schedule.

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Now that you have created your schedule, you can print a copy if required. Schedules can be printed at any time, whether this is before publishing (shifts in draft-mode) or after publishing.


Starter Plan subscription or higher


From either the Weekly or Daily Schedule view, click on the printer icon on the left panel and select "Print Schedule".

Select “Print Schedule”.

Select the schedule format you wish to print. Options are:

· Selected week’s schedule for the selected department

· Selected week’s schedule for all departments

· Today’s schedule for the selected department

· Today’s schedule for all departments

· Custom view

Both print to Excel and PDF are supported.

Add manager notes if preferred.

The Layout section includes a number of other attributes which a user can select to display on the report. Simply click the radio button for each additional attribute you wish to apply.

Note: On occasion you may want to print out and review the draft schedule prior to publishing. You must select the option, "Include Unpublished Shifts" to return draft shifts on the report, (it is off by default).

You can then proceed to “Download Report”.

The report will display on screen where you can then send directly to a printer.


Schedules are formatted to print in Landscape view. Should you wish to print in Portrait view, you will need to configure your local printer settings. Please note that Portrait view printing will impact on readability, as the report will resize to fit the reduced page width.

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