Once you have created your schedule, publish it to your employees.

Administrator access or Manager-level access to the Schedule being published 


Draft shifts (not yet published) have a broken outline. Shifts are color-coded according to the color assigned to the Position.

Click on the 'Publish' button in the top right of screen

Confirm publishing details, including adding a Manager’s Note with information which is relevant to the schedule period. This note is sent to the employee.

Click on 'Publish & Notify' to complete the publishing process. Shifts are now displayed as solid colors. 

Employees using the OpenSimSim mobile app will receive a push notification with details of their upcoming shifts presented in a window. Employees must tap on 'OK GOT IT' to dismiss the panel.

When the employee has tapped on 'OK GOT IT', this 'acknowledgement' is automatically reflected to the Employer by a tick-mark appearing against each shift (see above screen).

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