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When you publish your schedule, employees will be notified of the shifts they are working

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Once you have created your schedule, you need to publish it to notify employees of the shift they are working.

Administrator access or Manager level access with the Manage Schedules permission for the department.


Draft shifts (not yet published) have a broken outline. Shifts are color-coded according to the color assigned to the Position.

Click on the 'Publish' button in the top right of screen to start the publish process.

Confirm publishing details, including adding a Manager’s Note with information which is relevant to the schedule period. This note is sent to the employee.

Click on 'Publish & Notify' to complete the publishing process. Shifts are now displayed as solid colors.

Workers using the SocialSchedules mobile app will receive a push notification with details of their upcoming shifts presented in a window. Employees must tap on 'OK GOT IT' to dismiss the panel.

When the employee has tapped on 'OK GOT IT', this 'acknowledgement' is automatically reflected to the Employer by a tick-mark appearing against each shift.

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