Certifications is included with the premium Attendance with Compliance solution. Accessing this feature requires an Administrator, or Managers with the "Manage Certificates" sub-permission.

Accessing Certifications
Navigate to Mega Menu > Compliance > Certifications

Create New Certificate
Navigate to More Menu > Certifications > Create Certificate

Name your Certificate
Name your certificate or select one from the suggested list

Apply your Certificate
Choose who to apply the certificate to. This can be all workers in an entire Location, all workers on a specific Schedule or all workers who have a specific Position in their profile. Alternatively, workers can be selected individually.

Does this Certificate Expire?
Set whether this certificate has an expiry date. If so, choose one or more pre-set intervals, (x-days before expiry) to send a reminder notification to the worker. Additionally you can choose to send the reminder notification to one or more managers.

Is this Certificate Mandatory?
Set whether this certificate is mandatory. If so, workers without a complete and valid certificate (not expired) will not be able to be scheduled.

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