The timeoff feature allows employees to submit requests to their employer. After review the employer can approve or decline, based on business requirements.

Pending Requests

New timeoff requests received are indicated by a count appearing next to the “Timeoff” option in the top menu bar

Click on the "Timeoff" menu bar option and then select "Timeoff Requests" from the dropdown.

A window will open indicating the Pending Request which needs to be actioned.

Reviewing Requests

To see the details of the request, simply click in the field and select "View Details"

Employees have the option to include a note with their request which may assist the employer when making a decision.

Decisioning a Request

A request can be either Approved or Declined. Under both scenarios, the employee is sent a push notification informing them of the outcome. Furthermore, in the case where a request has been approved, the day/s will be marked as "Timeoff" in the schedule against the employee. 

Other Considerations

Delete Timeoff

A decisioned request can be subsequently deleted by the employer. However, timeoff requests cannot be edited. If submitted in error, the original request must be deleted and a new request submitted with updated or corrected details.

Create on Behalf of Employee

There will be occasions when an employer will create a timeoff request on behalf of an employee. In doing so, this process automatically approves the request, push notifications are sent informing the employee and the schedule is updated to reflect the employee is on approved timeoff for those days. The typical scenario is when an employee approaches the employer at last minute with an urgent request, which was not foreseen and cannot be prevented.

Navigating Between Schedules

For customers who may have multiple locations and multiple schedules, all managed under a single company account, the default timeoff view on entry is "all locations and all schedules". Grouping is by Location followed by Schedule. To manage timeoff for a specific Schedule, simply click to select.


Filtering options are "By Status" and "By Position".

By Status

There are three status options to apply filtering to as follows:

  • Pending Requests
  • Approved Requests
  • Declined Requests

By Position

There is the option to filter by Position. All positions that are associated with the schedule/s are displayed here. Filter by Position applies to the positions an Employee has in their Profile.


To locate all requests (historical and future) that are associated with an individual employee, use the Search feature.

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