During the recruitment process with your employer, your availability will typically be discussed and mutually agreed. Once agreement has been reached, you can set your availability to the agreed days of the week and times of the day. This availability is then reflected for your employer. Any subsequent changes to your availability should first be discussed with your employer and changes mutually agreed by both parties.

To Set your Availability

You can set your availability from your Mobile Device or from a Responsive Desktop via a web browser. Following is the process for setting your availability from a Mobile Device (method for the majority of users).

When logged in to OpenSimSim, go to the More Menu > My Availability.

There are two main types of Availability that you can set as follows:

Every Week

This is recurring availability and is set as a combination of Week Day, (Monday through Sunday) and Time of the Day, (a period between Midnight and Midnight). Recurring availability remains valid and is applied to all future weeks until subsequently changed. For example, you may be studying and your availability changes each semester when your new timetable is released. You would update your recurring availability accordingly.

Date Specific

This is one-off availability and is set for a specific date and a specific time period within that day. One-off availability applies to a single day. For example, you may have a dentist appointment between 1pm-3pm on Friday, 12th May, where you will need to make yourself unavailable, a time on a typical Friday where you would normally be available.

Note: In the scenario where you wish to go on vacation, (or similar event), you would perform this by submitting a request for time-off to your employer using OpenSimSim's time-off feature. This is explained in a separate article.

Select either EVERY WEEK (Recurring) or DATE SPECIFIC (One-off) as required.


Tap on the week day that you want to set your recurring availability for. We will select Monday to illustrate.

This user is available anytime from 10AM through to Midnight on a Monday

Tap on the Help icon for instructions on how to select time blocks.

We are going to change the start time of the user's availability on Monday's to reflect 6AM, (currently 10AM). Tap, (including hold and drag) on the required time blocks to select. Tap on "Available" and then tap on SAVE when done to apply. 

Monday availability is now updated to reflect a 6AM Start as shown. Repeat the above process for other week days as required.


Tap on the specific date that you wish to set one-off availability for. In our example we have chosen Friday, 12th May.

The header section will reflect the chosen day. 

Select the desired time blocks using the same technique as described above. We will choose 1pm - 3pm. Tap on "Unavailable" when done and then tap on Save to apply. 

Date Specific Availability for Friday, May 12th reflects not available 1PM - 3PM.

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