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App-based article: Manage delivery orders from anywhere via the IHD mobile app

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Delivery orders facilitated through the Inhouse Delivery solution can be managed from the IHD mobile app, available for both iOS and Android smartphones.


  1. An activated SocialSchedules user account

  2. Admin or Manager with 'Manage Deliveries' sub-permission

Note that users with a SocialSchedules account but without administrator or manager privileges can still log-in to the app. They will be presented with the employee (driver) view and will not have access to the manager dashboard and functionality.

Download & Install

The mobile app is available for free from the App Store (iOS) or the Play Store (Android). Just search for 'Inhouse Delivery'

Login & Navigation

Launch the IHD App. When prompted, enter the email address and password associated with your SocialSchedules account.

Summary Dashboard

The Summary Dashboard is presented on first login. The default view shows the total stats for all locations which you have permission to manage.

To view an individual location, select the locations icon and proceed to select the location of interest. Dashboard stats will automatically update.

The dashboard displays the number of orders in each phase of the delivery process:

  • Waiting* - order accepted by delivery service and awaiting driver to be assigned.

  • Picking up - order is being prepared and driver is on the way to pick up the order.

  • Dropping off - driver is on the way to the customer to deliver the order.

  • Completed - the order has been delivered to the customer; canceled; or returned to the restaurant. Only orders completed within the past 48 hours are included.

* includes orders in a 'Pending Manager' status which requires further action, eg: customer delivery address is not recognized, flagged as invalid, and needs updating; or in 'Pending Dispatch', which require manual dispatch.

Order List View

This view lists out all of the orders in a given status. Click on an individual order to view more details.

Specific Order Details

This screen displays all relevant order information, including:

  • Delivery Timeline - each time-stamped phase of the delivery process from Order Placement through to Order Fulfilment, (Delivered to Customer)

  • Map displaying Pick Up Location and Drop Off Location

  • Order Items - detailed description of food items, including quantity

  • Payment Summary - cost breakdown; Food Items, Delivery Fee, Sales Tax & Tip

Order Actions

Click on the ellipsis in the top right hand corner to access available actions.

The available actions differ depending on the status of the order and include:

Request a refund

There may be occasions when a refund is required. IHD can request a refund for an order on your behalf. To request a refund for a delivery:

  1. Select Request refund under Order Options

  2. Select the appropriate reason for the refund

  3. Submit the request by clicking on the 'Request Refund' button.

The refund request will then be lodged on your behalf with the delivery company.

Call the customer

There may be occasions when you need to contact the customer. This can be done directly from within the mobile app using your cellular service.

  1. Select Call Customer under Order Options

  2. The customer's phone number will be pre-populated on the device's call screen

Get Help

When there is an issue with a specific delivery, the first step is to call the Support Team number for the delivery driver. Delivery drivers cannot be contacted directly. All issues must be routed to the Delivery Service Support Team for assistance and resolution via the listed phone number.

  1. Select Get Help under Order Options

This will bring up the phone number and the reference number to quote. The phone number will be different depending on which delivery company delivered the order.

Reassign Order

Refer to this help article.

Redispatch Order

Refer to this help article.

Note: Manually creating a new order is not currently supported from the mobile app. This functionality is supported from the desktop app.

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