Availability Management

How did it previously work?

Previously an employee could define their unavailable time by creating either recurring or date specific unavailability.

How does the new availability management work?

In our new solution, employees can define their availability and unavailability by creating 'sets':

  • Available sets define when an employee is available to work exclusively for an employer.
  • Unavailable sets define when an employee is unavailable and prefers not to work. These can be created for either a single employer or multiple employers.

Can employees create multiple availability sets and for each employer?

Yes, each availability set has a start and end date and repeat cycle (weekly or

bi-weekly), meaning employees can create multiple sets. For example, you may create one for your semester 1 availability and a separate one for your semester break. You may also create different availability sets for each of your employers.

Does employee availability require employer approval?

Available sets do not require employer approval when they are first created by an employee; however any subsequent changes will require approval. Unavailable sets do not require employer approval when created or edited.

Can my employer create an availability set for an employee?

Yes, employers can also create available sets, requesting times that the employer is available to work exclusively for the company. Employees can choose to accept or decline these employer requests. Employers cannot create unavailability sets for their employees.

Can I still make date specific changes to my availability?

Where an employee requires a specific day or time off when they would normally be available to work for their employer, we recommend creating a time off request.

Alternatively, availability sets can also be used for short term changes - for example, your availability might be different next week so you can create an availability set reflecting when you are unavailable only for 1 week.

What will happen to my date specific availability?

All previously created date specific availability will be automatically converted into availability sets.

What's happened to my previous recurring availability?

All previously created unavailability have now been created as unavailability sets.

Do I need to update my OpenSimSim app?

Yes, you will need to download the latest app in order to continue managing your availability.

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