Availability Management

How did it previously work?

Previously an employer could reserve an employee's time for a department by creating reserved availability. An employee could also define time they were unavailable to work by creating either recurring or date specific unavailability.

Can I still use reserved availability?

The concept of reserved availability has been removed and replaced with availability sets.

When an employee creates an available set, they are guaranteeing the times that they are available to work exclusively for an employer. All availability sets are now at a company level rather than a department level.

An employer may also create an available set on behalf of an employee, requesting times for the employee to be exclusively available to work.

Employer created available sets need to be approved by the employee before they are considered active.

How does the new availability management work?

In our new solution, employees can define their availability and unavailability by creating 'sets':

  • Available sets define when a worker is available to work exclusively for an employer

  • Unavailable sets define when a worker is unavailable and prefers not to work.

How does an employer ensure the employees are available they need them?

Employers can create available sets on behalf of their employees, requesting times that the employer is available to work exclusively for the company for the duration of the availability set. This is the best way for the employer to lock-in the times they need their employees to be available.

Employees cannot make themselves unavailable during these times unless a time off request is sent and approved by a manager.

Do availability requests or changes require approval?

Available sets do not require employer approval when they are first created by an employee; however any subsequent changes will require approval by the other party. This is a change from the previous solution, where employees could change their availability without any manager input.

Unavailable sets do not require employer approval when created or edited.

How does an employee request date specific changes to their availability?

Where an employee requires a specific day or time off when they would normally be available to work for their employer, they should create a time off request.

Is there permission for approving availability changes?

Yes, we have added a new permission for managing availability. Managers with this permission will be able to create, edit, approve, decline, and delete availability sets.

All existing managers will have the Manage availability permission turned on. Administrators can choose to toggle this off. Managers without this permission will still be able to view employee availability sets.

How can I assign a shift to an employee if they are unavailable?

Managers may choose to send shift invites to employees during times they are showing as unavailable, similar to inviting employee employees to shift opportunities. Employees can then choose whether to accept or decline the invite.

When employees are marked as 'busy' (e.g. they have time off or are working a shift in a different department or company) they cannot be invited to shift.

Do I need to update my OpenSimSim mobile app?

Yes, you will need to download the latest app in order to continue managing employee availability.

There is no action required for users of the desktop app - all availability features will be automatically available the next time you log-in.

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