Allocating Breaks

Auto-allocate breaks based on the scheduled shift duration

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Setup break rules to auto-allocate breaks based on the schedule shift duration.


  1. Subscribed to Premium

  2. Administrator access

Mega Menu > Compliance > Compliance Ruleset > Paid Breaks / Unpaid Breaks

Configure Breaks

Define time periods for Paid Breaks and Unpaid Breaks. Setting Paid and Unpaid Breaks separately provides the flexibility needed to configure break rules which comply with complex regulatory requirements. When the worked hours for a shift fall into that time period the specified breaks will be auto-assigned to the shift.

Time format is HH:MM:SS (Hours - Minutes - Seconds)

By way of illustration, a worker is scheduled to start their shift at 9AM and finish their shift at 5PM, including a 30 minute unpaid meal break. This represents 7.5 worked hours which falls into the "From 06:00:01 hrs To 10:00:00 hrs" time period. As such, 2 x 15 minute Paid breaks and 1 x 30 minute Unpaid break is applied to this shift. 

Click on ADD ANOTHER button to add another time period.

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