Integrations and more integrations!

We understand that managing your business is complex; POS, Payroll and employee scheduling are all core parts of your business. The key to making your life easier is making these different IT solutions talk to each other and for Heartland, Clover and Square customers that's exactly what we're doing. Best of all it's absolutely FREE!

POS Integrations

Here's what you will get once your OpenSimSim account is connected to your POS account: 

  • Sales vs Labor Cost reporting
  • Sales forecasting
  • Employee import from POS

Timecard export for Payroll

New timecard export configuration makes it easier to export timecards in the format that's right for your payroll learn more 

If you're a customer of Heartland Payroll speak to us about the export file configured exactly to Heartland specifications.

Unlimited storage of schedules

Want unlimited storage of schedules? As of this month unlimited storage of schedules is a premium feature. Check out our pricing for details of all the great features you get when you sign up for premium. Free customers will be limited to 4 weeks of schedule history and can print schedules for record keeping. 

Short breaks? Not any more...

Coming to Time Clock later this month is the new compliance feature to prevent short breaks. Once you choose to prevent short paid and/or unpaid breaks Time Clock enforces the full break duration to be taken before staff are allowed to clock back in. 

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