Here's a run down of your new timecards...

Simplified design

All your timecards in one place and a sophisticated new filtering system to help you only see the timecards you need.

Greater flexibility

Perform any action on any timecard at any time. Keep track of your timecards using status without being pinned down by workflow restrictions.

Efficient timecard processing

Selecting a timecard takes you directly to edit mode so that you can make changes quickly and efficiently.

Consolidated export options

Exporting/printing timecards is now consolidated giving you all the timecard data you need in one place.

How does the new design impact me?

Timecards are now all available in the same view, meaning 'Payroll' and 'Payroll History' are no longer required.

  • Timecards that were in 'Payroll History' are now tagged with the 'Closed' status
  • Timecards that were in 'Payroll' are now tagged with the 'Approved' status

Using status to manage workflow 

  • By default, all new timecards are set to 'Pending'
  • Use the 'Approved' status to indicate when a timecard has been approved by a schedule manager
  • Use the 'Closed' status to indicate when a timecard has been processed i.e. exported / ready for payroll.

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