In addition to general settings, schedule settings is the go to place for assigning managers and enabling swap and drop shift permissions for workers.

Must be assigned as a manager to the selected schedule.

Represented with a cog icon, schedule settings are found in the top right corner of the scheduler (next to the publish button).

General Settings
Name the schedule, select the location it belongs to and enable offsite addresses 

Schedule Managers
Assign managers to your schedule. Managers need to be trusted employees as they have permissions to perform all actions associated with managing the schedule such as editing shifts and approving time off requests.

Shift Swaps/Drops
Give workers in your schedule permission to swap and drop their shifts. Once enabled all workers have the ability to swap and/or drop, unless they have been added to the 'exclusion' list, in which case they do not have permission to do either. Read the swap or drop article to learn more about these workflows.

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