January 2019

The new 'mega menu' navigation makes it easier to find and use all your 'go to' features. Here's a run down of how it works...

Simplified navigation

Your company name in the top left corner of the navigation bar acts as a dropdown mega menu expanding to show all the features available in your account.

The new navigation bar focuses on your everyday tools such as Scheduler and Timeoff, premium users will also see Timecards. All your personal account settings and notifications can be accessed via the account dropdown in the top right corner.

The options that were previously in the more menu such as Company Profile and Positions are now available in the mega menu; bye bye more menu... thanks for the good times!

Clean new design

You’ll notice Positions, Company Profile, Locations, Schedules, Notifications and Attendance Settings have all been redesigned to make options clearer and more accessible.

In particular, Schedule Settings consolidates options that were previously spread throughout the scheduler such as worker swap/drop permissions and assigning schedule managers.

Multiple locations, one place to manage them

Managing multiple locations? We’ve got you covered. A new location dropdown will be available in the top left corner of the navigation bar next to the company name. The location dropdown shows your currently selected location and the mega menu options listed are specific to that location. So at any stage you can switch locations and easily access the relevant settings.

Let us know what you think with new feedback options

We hope you enjoy these latest updates and would love to hear your thoughts. Simply click on the Give Feedback button in the Live Chat window found in the bottom right of your screen.

Release notes

For a full run down of what's included in the release check out our release notes

What’s next?

Keep your eyes out for some brand new premium feature improvements around Timecard management coming soon. We can’t wait to share them with you, they are shaping up to be serious time savers for your business.

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