Create all your locations, and all schedules associated to a location.

Administrator level permission.

Main Menu > Settings > Locations / Schedules

Add New Location
Add a new location to your company account

Complete address details

  1. Enter location name, address and phone contact details
  2. Confirm location timezone

Complete permission details

  1. See Entire Schedule - When enabled, workers will see the shifts of other workers. This is available on the mobile app by rotating the phone from portrait to landscape view. This feature is not available on the desktop app.
  2. View Own Timecards - When enabled, and the company is subscribed to premium Attendance with Compliance, workers will see their own timecards. This feature is supported on both the mobile app and desktop app.

Add New ScheduleCreate a new schedule and associate it to a location.

  1. Main Menu > Locations > Schedule
  2. Click on Add Schedule link
  3. Complete schedule wizard; Enter schedule name, add schedule positions and assign workers to schedule, start scheduling!
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